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Spring Break Adventure – Playing at the Farm

Spring Break Adventure – Playing at the Farm
I’ve really loved the fact that we’ve gotten to do so many fun things on our spring break. One of the most fun parts has been playing on Grandmother and Granddaddy’s farm. This is sort of a “Part 1” of our farm adventures. We did so many fun things on the farm that it’s impossible to fit it all into one blog post.
Driving the Mule
Emily’s favorite part of the farm has probably been getting to drive the Mule. She’s been getting driving lessons on the Mule from Grandmother for a while now, but this trip she’s progressed to carrying other passengers, like me! I’d ridden with her before but this time I wasn’t scared. #kidding
Riding in the Ranger
We’ve all had fun riding the Ranger. Noah asks for rides pretty much all the time. On Friday, we went for a long ride all around the properties and we all got covered in pollen! That stuff is thick this time of year and it gets all over everything. It’s kind of crazy.


Walking the Slack Line
Noah has had a lot of fun playing on the slack line. He’s finally tall enough to reach the top line so that he can hang on. Emily is really good at the slack line too. They also like to play on the lazy swing together. I haven’t gotten a picture of that one yet though.
Pink roses
Grandmother has a lot of beautiful flowers blooming right now. There are a lot of white-blooming bushes and trees out in the woods and some of the irises are blooming around the house. One of her roses started blooming this week, too.
Cemetery in the woods
One afternoon, we went over to the cemetery on their property and cleaned it up a little bit. Keyword = a little bit. These are obviously pictures before we cleaned anything.


Grave Stones in the Woods
It makes me wonder what the world was like when this cemetery was built. Clearly, that area was not in the middle of the woods back in the 1800’s. But what was it like? Was it beside a church? Beside a road?
Gravestone in the Woods
Beside the fenced part of the cemetery is a large slab of concrete with names and dates written on it. A lot of the graves are unmarked. Nobody knows for sure who all is buried out there.


Pedal Boat

We’ve also been out in the pedal boat several times this week. One nice thing about the pedal boat is that the seats are adjustable so that everyone’s feet can reach the pedals. I went out with Noah one afternoon and let him do the pedaling.

Pedal Boat with green bottom

Doesn’t that look like a lot of fun?

Pancakes with all the toppings

Another fun thing about the farm is Grandmother’s breakfasts. She fixes pancakes and lets you put anything that you want on them! This was Noah’s breakfast this morning – pancakes with melted chocolate chips and marshmallows, covered in syrup, topped with sprinkles and bananas and drizzled with chocolate syrup. What a breakfast!

I have a lot more pictures to share from our time on the farm as well as the pictures from Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs. We have had a blast and I can’t wait to share the rest with you.


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