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Spring Break Adventure – Garvan Woodland Gardens

Spring Break Adventure – Garvan Woodland Gardens
The second stop on the Hot Springs leg of our Spring Break Adventure was Garvan Gardens, a 210-acre botanical garden that is part of the University of Arkansas School of Architecture. We were fortunate enough to visit during Tulip Extravaganza where Garvan Gardens has 150,000 tulips blooming all at once. I was really excited to see all the tulips in bloom and I was not at all disappointed.
Tulips at Garvan Gardens

I was surprised at all the different varieties of tulips that were in bloom. There were tulips in every color and size, tall ones, short ones.

Red and Yellow Tulips

The arrangement of the tulips and how they had certain colors and shapes mixed together was amazing to see.

Tulips in Bloom

I took probably 200 pictures of the tulips. I wanted to share them all.

Tulip Garden

See all those happy smiles? Noah was our map navigator. The welcome center gave Noah a bingo game, but Emily and I ended up marking the bingo spaces for him.

People in Tulip Garden
Emily took this picture of these yellow tulips. Aren’t the interesting and totally unique?
Yellow frilly-edged Tulip with black eye

The edges are just amazing. Like I said, there were so many shapes and colors of tulips.


Pink and White Tulip
The tulips were a showstopper, but there were many other things in bloom at Garvan Gardens while we were there.
Redbud in bloom
We’d just missed the peak of the daffodils, but the Redbud trees were blooming. There were many types of blooming trees.
Silly In front of Waterfall
Noah had the sillies while we were there. I got several pictures of him with funny faces, including this one beside the waterfall that I posted on Instagram.
Blooming trees by pond
This picture was taken beside the Koi pond. Those trees … the scenery … total garden envy!
Origami Bird in Garden
They had these origami birds in several places around the gardens. Grandmother asked Noah what the bird was made of and he went to touch it, but I made a loud “ACK” sound and scared him. Haha. He thought he was about to get into trouble!


Artistic Blue
I accidentally got all fancy with my camera and took this artistic photo. I have no idea how I did that but it’s really cool looking.
George the Peacock
We found George the peacock. He was one of the bingo squares we were hunting.
Bonsai Tree
I thought their Bonsai garden was pretty neat. I’d like to have one of these in my backyard.

Children’s Adventure Garden

Cave exploring
We walked over to the Children’s Adventure Garden, which is not so much a garden with plants but rather a bunch of large rocks and a big waterfall. They are in the process of building a treehouse in the kid’s area, which is going to be really cool. We went into the cave behind the waterfall. I had to take a selfie.
Cave Selfie
Noah wanted to take a selfie with me. So cute!


Noah had fun playing in the waterfall. Here’s a little video from the cave.
Tulip Collage

I’m sorry but I can’t stop with the tulip-sharing. I put together a few collages with the tulips.


Long Tulip Collage

Garvan Gardens was one of my favorite stops. I’d like to go back in the summer … and the fall … and the winter when they have the holiday lights display.


Side Collage Tulips

How beautiful!!!!!!!


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Do you have any gardens like this where you live? If so, tell me in the comments so that I can go visit!