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Spring Break Adventure – Oaklawn Racing

On Thursday, we drove over to Oaklawn Racing to watch the horses run. This was my first trip to the races and it was a lot of fun!

Statue at Oaklawn

Our first stop was the concession stand so that we could grab some lunch. Then we headed out to the grandstands outside to wait for the races. It was such a pretty day to be out in the sunshine.

Lunch at Oaklawn
After we finished our lunch, we started looking through the program to see which horses we thought would win the race then went into the holding area to look at the horses as they were lining up. We all picked a horse and wrote down our answers in the program to see if any of us were right.


Racing at Oaklawn
When it got close to race time, we went down to the railing by the finish line so that we could see the end of the race. I don’t remember if anyone picked the winner, but I know I didn’t!
Finish Line
The next couple of races, we picked our horses then went inside to the machines and placed our bets. By the time we left, Grandmother and Granddaddy were both in the hole a few dollars, but I was ahead by one dollar and 60 cents. That’s not even enough to cover the parking much less lunch! But we had a good time at the races.
We came, we saw, we conquered.
Bronze Statue
One the way back to the car, we had to stop by the bronze statue out front to snap a quick picture. Noah was pretty tired by this point, but he said he had a good time.
After we left Oaklawn, we headed to Garvan Woodland Gardens. I took a couple hundred pictures while we were there so you will have to check back to see the details of that stop on our adventure. (Hint – the tulips were blooming and putting on a show!)

Travel Guide

Would you visit here again?

Yes! Oaklawn was a unique stop. I thought there were plenty of food options, including some sit-down restaurants. The day that we were there was not super crowded and there were plenty of places to sit both inside and out.

Favorite thing about the trip?

Noah: The cheeseburger.
Emily: Picking the horse I thought would win.
Jennifer: The excitement of the races.  

Best photo op?

The bronze statue out front was a good place to take pictures. A picture along the railing outside would be pretty too.

Travel Tips?

I didn’t feel like there was a whole lot for kids to do at Oaklawn. We only stayed for a few races. I don’t know if the races could have kept their attention for much longer. Like I mentioned, Noah was already fading fast as it was. Overall, I think it was a fun adventure and I’m glad we got to experience a day at the races.