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Weekly Wrap-up

Weekly Wrap-up

How are you? Did you have a fun weekend?

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Looking back …

With the warmer weather in Oklahoma, it was a lot easier to get up and moving this week. Noah and I got to walk on the sunny side of life several days this week. One morning, we were walking to the bus stop and Noah mentioned that The Sunny Side of Life was a good name for a blog. I looked up sunnysideoflife and the .com name was taken but the owner has not built a website for it. The website I was looking at said they would try to get the website name for me for “only” $69.99 + commission. Hmmm.  Then I looked up thesunnysideoflife and the .com name was available but it’s considered a premium site name and it would cost $2595 + $14.95 per year. Wow! I think that’s a little bit outside of my budget. I agree that it would be the perfect blog name though.
Emily’s piano lesson was on Thursday afternoon and the kids went over to Nanny’s after school. They went to eat with Nanny so Mike and I went to eat Mexican food.  Luckily, we got a good table in a quiet part of the restaurant so, I can’t complain. This Mexican place has wonderful grilled veggies. I always get a double order of those for my sides and I just love it.
Enchiladas with Grilled Veggies
On Friday evening, we went to cousin Mason’s birthday party. It was really a lot of fun. Emily and Noah always enjoy spending time with the other kids. It was also our wedding anniversary.
This weekend, we did some recipe testing. I’m going to be posting more about that another night, but here’s a little hint.
Granny Smith Apples
I created a Facebook page for my blog. You can go here to visit the Facebook page or you can use the buttons below to Like and Share so that you can get future updates when I post.

Looking forward …

Noah has a program at school this week. All the students in his grade are doing a version of Seussical the Musical. Noah has been singing the songs and watching videos of other kids doing the play online. We’re excited to go see the play.

I have several recipes that I’m going to be posting about this week. The whole family gets into the recipe testing and photography, which I love. The blog has been good for us. I hope you’re enjoying reading along.

What’s the most fun thing you did this weekend? Baby time! And cooking!