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Weekly Wrap-up

Well, it’s been another busy week for us. What about you?

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Looking back …

One of the nice things about this week was the weather! It was windy a couple of days but the pretty spring-like days are just what I like to see. Even my daffodils started popping up. I can’t believe how tiny some of my daffodils are! I knew the early-bloomers were going to be small, but I did not think they would be THAT small. The King Alfred-type daffodils are getting ready to bloom soon, too. The picture below is from Monday when the tiny daffodils just started blooming.
Baby Daffodils



We had Noah’s Seussical play on Tuesday night. Noah did such a great job but next time I will try very hard to get to the school earlier so that I can get a better seat. Since the play is over, Noah has cut down on watching the Dr. Seuss videos on the iPad, so that’s a relief for my ears.
Emily got her phone back recently. She’d lost her phone because of her grades but the grades have improved quite a lot. She also had picture day at school this week. We haven’t really done any spring clothing shopping yet so we had to run out one night and find something for her to wear for picture day. I wish I’d snapped a picture before she left for school, but we were running short on time. She looked so cute though. We curled her hair with her Beachwaver curling iron that she got for Christmas. That thing is pretty cool – it rolls the hair up for you. We need to do a review on it so that you can see how it works.On Saturday afternoon, we went out to Kitchen Lake for a little picnic. We took sub sandwiches from Jimmy Johns, some Cheetos, cookies and M&Ms. Maybe not your typical picnic fare, but it’s what I had in the pantry. The weather was nice and not too windy, which was a nice change. There were a few people out fishing at the lake that day. One guy told us that the crappie were biting but we did not see anyone catch any fish (although we couldn’t see much of the activity along the banks from our picnic table.)
I posted the brownie recipe for you, but I’d intended to write up a recipe for apple fritters for you to try. I’m also working on a recipe for a tater tot breakfast casserole that’s totally customizable depending on your taste preferences. We like it hot, but I know that’s not for everyone.
Probably the biggest news is that I’m moving my blog to WordPress. That has taken a huge amount of time and effort considering that I have over 700 blog posts, but it lets me have complete control over my website. I’ve been really limited on certain tweaks with my current blog hosting. So, the design is going to change soon and you might not be able to reach my site sometimes while I get everything moved over. I’m also going to write up some helpful tips for anyone else who is thinking about making a blog.This picture below is the daffodils in the front flower bed today with the King Alfred-types starting to bloom. I can’t wait to see what they look like in another week.
Weekly Wrap-up


Looking forward …

Noah has picture day at school this week. I need to check his closet and see if he has anything to wear so that I can plan a shopping trip if needed.

We also have parent/teacher conferences later this week. Both kids are out of school on Friday and then spring break is the following week. We have some fun things planned and we’re pretty excited for spring break to get here.

I’m going to be posting a recipe for those apple fritters that I mentioned on the blog and I’m also planning to show you the finished entryway makeover. Noah has been asking me to let him write a blog post so you might even get a surprise. I told him that he needs to learn how to type first though.

Tell me about your weekend! How’s the weather been where you live?