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Happy Easter

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend with your family and friends. We’ve had a good time. This really is my favorite holiday.

Easter Egg Hunt

On Saturday, Mike and the kids headed over to his aunt and uncle’s house for lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt. I had to stay home because I was working on some things for our family dinner later that evening. I fixed a strawberry pie filling salad, monkey bread, and strawberry delight for dessert. I’ll be sharing those recipes with you very soon.

Easter Egg Dyeing

On Saturday evening, we went over to Mike’s brother and sister-in-law’s house for an Easter dinner. We had roast, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy and all the fixing’s and it was all so good.

After we finished eating, we helped the kids dye Easter eggs. We had several different kits that colored the eggs different ways. With one kit, you put the egg into a bag then add drops of dye and it makes a tie-dyed effect. The eggs turned out pastel and glossy when they dried, which was pretty neat. There was another kit that used sponges to apply dye to the eggs, and all those eggs turned out to have rich, dark colors.

We also had the traditional color tablets that you put into vinegar then add water and let the eggs soak. Noah had a lot of fun dyeing eggs the traditional way. Aunt Cherry had a special pair of tongs for Noah to use to get the eggs in and out of the cups.

As we were nearing the end of our egg dyeing experience, my niece, Madison, who is 18-years-old, picked up the cup with the blue dye in it and started to drink it. She had mistaken it for her glass of tea! She got blue dye all over her mouth. We were all sitting there in shock! It was pretty funny though.

Easter Baskets


Easter Basket with Yellow Bunny

On Sunday morning, we got up and found the baskets that the Easter Bunny brought. I never got a good look at what all Emily got but she’s been wearing her new Converse high tops and said she got 5 new things for her phone. Unfortunately, she’s grounded from her phone right now! Hopefully the new things will be a good motivation to get her grades back up so that she can have her phone.


Easter Basket with Blue Bunny

Noah got a Star Wars light saber, a beach towel, an inflatable pool for the backyard and some water balloons. Probably one of the most exciting things he got was the movie, Ferdinand. He saw that movie in his basket and started screaming “John Cena! John Cena!” He’s a big fan and he was so excited to get the movie.


After breakfast, we headed to the 8:30 AM service at church. We were sort of rushing out the door so we didn’t get to take our Easter pictures until afterwards. It turned cold here so we took our pictures inside this year.

We went to lunch with the family at Charleston’s. We had a good time visiting with everybody and eating good food.


Teacher Walkout

The kids’ school informed us that school will be out on Monday due to the teacher walkout. The teachers are supposed to be meeting at the state capitol to rally support. We don’t know the plans for the walkout beyond Monday so we’ll be waiting for news from the school.

I’ve already let the kids know that we will not be sitting around on our electronics all day just because school is out. There are a lot of organizations that are providing childcare during the teacher walkout. If you need childcare, click here for the list.


April Fool’s Day

This year, April Fool’s Day fell on Easter Sunday. I’d been telling the kids that I was going to pull a prank on them and to be ready for it.

Late afternoon, they were both playing on their electronics and I looked at my phone and told them that I’d just gotten a message from the school that said the teacher walkout was canceled and there would be school tomorrow. They were both moaning and groaning about having to go to school. I just laughed and said “April Fools!” I got them good and they have promised paybacks.

Spring Flowers

This afternoon, I had to go check in on my spring flowers even though it was cold outside.


My daffodils are still blooming but I think they’re almost done. The tiny daffodils along the edge of the flower bed are already gone. The stella d’oro daylilies and the sage are starting to pop up though.

Pink Creeping Phlox

The pink creeping phlox is so pretty right now. It’s getting so big that it’s starting to grow into some of the other plants.


Spring Green Thorn Bush

I don’t know what this pretty spring green shrub is called, but it’s such a pretty color this time of year. It has thorns on it and some tiny white flowers.

The rose bushes are starting to grow behind it. I hope this cold snap goes away soon so that we can get on with spring!