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Photos from Garvan Gardens

Photos from Garvan Gardens

This week, I’ve been going back through my photos from our Spring Break Adventure and I was just in awe of the pictures from Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs. We had fun at all of our adventure stops, but Garvan Gardens and our trip to Hot Springs takes the cake for me.


I hope you don’t mind, but I wanted to share some of the other photos we took while we were there. It was hard for me to choose which ones I liked best so I’m just going to share several with you in a gallery. You can click on a photo in the gallery to view larger images.


Tulip Gallery


Even the pictures don’t really do it justice. The way they planted the tulips and the varieties that they planted together were just amazing. They somehow managed to plant complementary colors and heights in perfect balance.


I would love to see their master plan on how the planting was organized. With tulips, you have to dig them up, store them, and replant them every year. When two or more colors are planted in close proximity, how do they know which color/variety they are digging up so that their garden will bloom the way they want it next year?



I was reading recently that the Oklahoma City Zoo is a botanical garden. They have 100,000 tulips and daffodils during their Zoo Blooms event but I don’t remember seeing anything like the tulips in bloom at Garvan Gardens. I don’t know if I’ve just never gone at the right time or what. I looked at their website and the Zoo Blooms event just ended last weekend so I guess I missed it for this year.


The Myriad Gardens in Oklahoma City is also a botanical garden and I have actually never been. Noah has been there for a field trip but I didn’t get to go. I need to put that on our adventure list for sometime very soon. I am sure they still have a lot of flowers in bloom this time of year.




I’m thinking that we need to go on a tour of botanical gardens from each state. And we must go at the peak bloom time at each one. Who’s with me on this tour? It’ll only take us forever. I’m okay with that.


Friday 20th of April 2018

beautiful photography!