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April Adventure – Leonard Park, Gainesville

April Adventure – Leonard Park, Gainesville

I wanted to share a few more pictures from our April Adventure to North Texas. After we went to the Frank Buck Zoo, we went across the street to Leonard Park to play. Technically, Frank Buck Zoo is a part of Leonard Park, but I’m talking about the playground at Leonard Park.


Leonard Park has a very nice, large playground with several unique toys to play on. We didn’t stay long but we had a lot of fun.


Playing at Leonard Park


Leonard Park also has a pool and some baseball fields so it was a hopping place the morning we were there.  There was plenty of room for us at the playground though.



Slide at Leonard Park


Noah was really good at this little merry-go-round thing. I tried it too and fell off almost immediately and bruised up my leg. Then I told Emily that I tried it and she told me that it was easy and that I should try again.  I tried again and fell again! Not my thing, I guess.



We all had fun on the swings though. That’s more my speed.




We left the park and went over to a garden center to check out what was blooming. I didn’t end up taking any pictures but they had a lot of flowers in bloom. It made me anxious to get back home and get some flowers planted in my pots.