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Graduation Cap Pops

This weekend, we celebrated Madison’s high school graduation. We got to go to her graduation ceremony last night where she was honored as an Honor Graduate. She also had a party yesterday afternoon.

I made a couple treats for her party that I wanted to share with you.

The first one is these Graduation Cap Pops. They are no-bake and so easy to make.

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Aren’t they so cute?

Here are the ingredients I used. I forgot to take this picture until after I’d finished making the Graduation Caps. Oops!

1) Use one lollipop stick to pre-poke one hole in the top of each Reese’s cup. The top of the Reese’s will end up being the bottom of your Pop.

2) In small bowl, melt some chocolate chips on chocolate almond bark in microwave on low power. Dip lollipop sticks into chocolate then insert into Reese’s cups. (If desired, use an extra lollipop stick to “paint” some extra chocolate on any spots on the Reese’s where the chocolate came off when you removed the wrapper.)

3) On waxed paper, lay out all the Ghiradelli chocolate squares with the writing face up. Dip the base of each Reese’s cup into the melted chocolate then press it gently onto the chocolate square.

4) Take Airhead Extreme ribbons and cut (using kitchen shears) strips for each color. Cut each strip in half. Dab melted chocolate in the center of the top (smooth side) of each chocolate square the press a colored candy ribbon into the chocolate. Add another dab of chocolate to the end of the candy ribbon then add an M&M on top.

5) Stand up Graduation Cap Pop to dry. Enjoy!

That’s really all there is to it. I made all these pops in under two hours and I think they turned out super cute

I also made these peanut butter sandwich cookies and they were a huge hit.

They were both each recipes that didn’t take long at all.

graduation cap pops