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Construction Birthday Cake – and it’s easy, too!

Construction Cake

I recently had the privilege of making a birthday cake for a precious little boy who was turning one year old. He was having a construction party and his cake featured some really cute construction vehicles!

Construction Birthday Cake

Since it was his first birthday, we had to make him a little smash cake. How cute is that?!

The big cake is a homemade chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting (recipe below) but the smash cake needed to be vanilla. I baked two 9-inch round vanilla cake layers then used a 4-inch round cookie cutter to cut perfect circles out of the cake. You may also want to level off the top of the layers with a knife using the top of the cookie cutter as a guide.

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I used three layers for the smash cake and I thought it turned out perfectly. I had quite a bit of white cake leftover so I just put it into a freezer bag to save for another day. The cake scraps would be perfect for a batch of cake pops!

For the Construction Cake, I used the recipe at the end of this post to make two 9-inch layers of chocolate cake then I whipped up a homemade chocolate buttercream. After the cakes cooled completely, I put the bottom layer on the serving platter and spread a layer of frosting on top of it. Then I took the top layer and broke off about 1/3 of the layer and set it aside.

Tip! Take off a bit at a time until you’re comfortable with the shape of your cake. You can always break off a bit more but you can’t put it back.

You’ll want to make sure you leave enough room to put your construction vehicle on the bottom layer. Once you have the top layer how you like it, you can place it on the bottom layer then frosted the entire cake with the chocolate buttercream.

chocolate construction cake

The “dirt” on top of the cake is crushed Oreo cookies and mini chocolate chips. I roughly crushed the Oreos up in a plastic baggie so that I could control how fine the crumbs ended up being. You may want some larger chunks of “dirt” for your cake. I also sprinkled a layer of the mini chocolate chips around the edge of the cake plate to finish off the look.

The cake turned out so cute and I think the big fellow loved his birthday cake. This cake is not as hard to pull off as you think. The chocolate frosting doesn’t have to be smooth or even. Just slather it on there and keep going!

The recipes you’ll need

The wonderful chocolate cake is great all on its own but this chocolate buttercream frosting really takes it to the next level. The birthday boy’s dad was helping him smash the cake and he got a little lick of the frosting and he said “That’s good stuff!”

Save this super easy Construction Cake to your Kids Birthday Cake Ideas or your Birthday Parties board.

Super Easy Construction Cake
Construction Birthday Cake