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A Picture Day Prank

Today was picture day at Noah’s school. I did not forget about picture day. I just didn’t plan well for it.

Last night, Mike and Noah drove me over to the store to find a new collared shirt for Noah to wear for picture day. (Hey, don’t judge me. It’s not easy to get out and go shopping with this big orthopedic boot on my foot.) While I was there, I found the perfect collared shirt as well as a pair of Mario Bros pajamas for Noah that were on clearance for like $7.

When I got back in the car, I asked Noah if he wanted to see his new picture day shirt. He said yes and I pulled out the Mario Bros pajamas. He was so excited! He asked if he could wear the pajama pants to picture day too.  Suuuuuuuure!

I showed him the new collared “church” shirt too, in his favorite color no less, but he was unimpressed. We went home and I completely forgot about the entire conversation.

This morning, we were getting ready for school and Noah was still wearing his pajamas … with his school shoes! I pranked him good and he thought he was really wearing his pajamas for picture day!

Gotcha, Noah!