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ABC’s of Noah

Noah started off 3rd grade on a great foot this year. He just loves going to school to learn … and also to spend time with his friends. His teacher seems really good for Noah. I think she’s really good about communicating with us parents.


A – Academics

He has to read for 20 minutes every evening after school. He likes reading comics but we have to encourage him to choose AR (Accelerated Reader) books. After he reads an AR book, he can take a comprehension test at school where he earns points toward his goals.


Noah always does really well with his spelling and vocabulary words. He’s getting better at math and his handwriting is improving too.



B – Book Buddies

One of the things Noah is most excited about is having a book buddy this year. When he was in first grade, he had a book buddy who was in his third grade teacher’s class, so he already knows that he’ll be a book buddy for a first grader this year.



C – Cafeteria Plan

Noah eats in the cafeteria at school most days, but occasionally he’ll want us to pack his lunch. When school first started and I was still had the splint on my foot, Noah was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to make my own lunch so he packed my lunch for me. A sandwich, two Diet Cokes, and an ‘I love you’ note. Does this kid get me or what?


Noah’s favorite lunch is a peanut butter and honey sandwich, a bunch of Ritz crackers, a Kool-aid jammer drink and either a Chips Ahoy cookie or a few M&Ms.


D – Do Something Fun

Noah is taking an acting class at the theater studio this year. He goes to class one evening per week and has really enjoyed it so far. He’s getting ready to audition for a part in studio production of The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. He wants to play the part of Linus. He’s been practicing the audition lines and I think he’s doing really well!

The picture is from cousin Mason’s theater performance this summer.



E – Extra Time

In our spare time, we’ve been working on putting together some Lego sets. Noah is getting really good at following the direction and putting the pieces together. I set up a table in my office and Noah and I sit and put together a few pieces before or after school.

We did a few Star Wars sets and we’ve been doing some Minecraft sets lately. It’s a lot of fun!


F – Fun Facts

Noah is a true morning person. He’s always been a morning person and I bet he’ll always be a morning person. He has to stay in bed until 7:00 am most mornings but the second the clock flips to 7:00 he’s up and at ’em. He always greets me with a bright “Good morning, Mom!”


He also really loves his sister. He read my blog post from yesterday about Emily and he was a bit incredulous that she heads out for the bus only a few minutes before he gets up. I think he was thinking she was long gone by the time he woke up but he only misses her by about 10-15 minutes.


Noah loves spaghetti and MEATBALLS. I’ve already mentioned it but his favorite sandwich is peanut butter and honey. He likes bananas but hates grapes. He’s a big fan of watermelon and cantaloupe. His favorite drink is for sure milk.


He’s also a chocolate guy. His faves are Kit-Kats and plain M&Ms. He likes chocolate chip cookies and banana pudding. He doesn’t like chewy or fruity candy, mints or gum.


All in all, Noah is a really special person and I enjoy watching him grow up more every day.