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Incredibles 2 Cake

Incredibles 2 Cake

Noah asked me to make an Incredibles 2 Cake for his birthday. We scoured the internet looking for the perfect cake – the perfect mix between Incredibles and Deliciousness.

Sadly, we found nothing that was just right so we had to make up our own Incredibles 2 Cake.

Incredibles 2 Chocolate Cake

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Requirement #1: The Cake Must Be Delicious

I used my Perfect Chocolate Cake recipe to make a two-layer round cake then topped it with my Perfect Chocolate Buttercream Frosting.

I used a simple star tip to add a border around the top and bottom of the cake. Both of these recipes are so simple but they always turn out to be super delicious. Super delicious.

Chocolate Cake Incredibles

Requirement #2: The Cake Must Feature The Incredibles 2 Characters

I’m not the kind of cake decorator that can make realistic characters out of fondant or spun sugar or Rice Krispie Treats or whatever the fancy people use.

And even if I was, who has the time? Look, you don’t have to make it all by hand to make a kid’s birthday cake dreams come true.

I found some cute Incredibles 2 characters on Amazon that were perfect for Noah’s birthday cake.

The Incredibles 2 candle was also on Amazon and I love how big and bold it turned out to be.

Incredibles Birthday Cake

Pro Tips

I slid some toothpicks into the bottom of the candle to provide a little support for it. That worked great.

The characters didn’t all want to stand up straight, especially the girls with their spindly little legs.

I ended up using a toothpick behind their legs to keep them upright.

If I’d been thinking, I would have dipped the toothpicks into melted chocolate so that they’d blend in with the black legs better.

Please, please, please do not be intimidated by this cake. I promise you it’s easy and it’ll turn out great.

If you don’t have a star piping tip, you can just use a knife to spread on the frosting and leave it at that. The cake will be delicious and everyone will be impressed. I promise.


Incredibles 2 Chocolate Cake

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