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Walmart Grocery Pickup Experiences

Walmart Grocery Pickup Experiences

Have you tried the Walmart Grocery Pickup service yet? We’ve been using it for a while and we really love it! It saves us so much time and energy with our weekly grocery shopping.


We’ve had some funny experiences though. Today was one of those. Mike went by to pick up the groceries after work and he came home saying they had a lot of substitutions this time.


Grocery Substitutions

Now, just to explain, substitutions are what happens if the store doesn’t have the exact item you ordered in stock. You have the option via the app on whether or not to allow substitutions on each individual item. A lot of times they’ll substitute a different size of the same item, for example, two 5 oz cans of something instead of a 10 oz can. And they charge the original price of whatever you ordered.


Anybody Wanna Come Over For a Salt Bath?

So, today I’d ordered an 8-pound bag of Epsom salt for $5. Instead, I received four 4-pound bags of Epsom salt for $5. Four pounds times four bags … 16 pounds of Epsom salt. Wow. Are we having a problem with simple math today?



How much broccoli can one family eat?

I also have a hard time visualizing the size of items that I’m ordering. Last week, I ordered a two-pound bag of broccoli. Two pounds of broccoli! I don’t know if you can tell in my picture but that is a lot of broccoli. How much broccoli can one family eat?


I Do Have Cooking Fails

Incidentally, I tried to cook my two pounds of broccoli in my air fryer this week and it was not successful. It was pretty crispy in a burnt kind of way. I will have to keep recipe testing on this one.


How Big a Bag Are Ya?

A few weeks ago, I bought a bag of Fritos for Frito Chili Pies. I accidentally got the 4 oz bag of chips though. Might be good if only one or two people want to eat.


How Many Vegetables Do You Need?

On the Walmart Grocery app, many types of produce require you to choose the number you want to order. Sometimes it’s hard to know how many to buy because you don’t know if you’re going to get big ones or small ones. One day, they sent me this huge sweet potato. Sometimes they send tiny ones.


Huge Sweet Potato


I frequently have the same issue with squash and other vegetables. It all depends on the size. I can say that I’ve never gotten bad produce from the Walmart Grocery Pickup. I feel like they always pick nice fruit and vegetables.


So, how many of you use the Walmart Grocery Pickup service? Would you be interested in reading a full review of the service?