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Who’s Watering the Roses?

While I’ve been recovering from my second foot surgery, Mike has been really good about watering the trees and the other plants outside. Sometimes I’d go out there with him but a lot of times he’d handle it himself.

The other week when I went out to walk Noah to the bus stop I noticed that the roses looked really good!


Don Juan Rose Bush

I snapped the pics with my phone and texted them to Mike so that he could see how good they looked.

Red Roses

“That is so pretty!”


“That’s not good.”

Haha, no it’s not. It’s so hard to keep some of the flowers in the pots happy. He’s done a great job of keeping up with all the plants though and I really appreciate the help.

Climbing Rose Supports

This year, my Don Juan roses have grown so large and full that they’re starting to need more support. I’ve tried some unconventional methods of support like using acrylic caulking and some twist ties – it sounds strange and it definitely is – but that did not work well for my situation.


I’m going to have to get some trellises to support my climbing roses, but I have not found exactly what I want yet. The roses are along a bay window and I want the trellises to fit between the window panes so they’ll need to be really narrow. I may have to come up with a custom design.


Healthy Roses

I’m happy to report that we’ve had healthy rose bushes this year. Last year, we had some issues with black powdery mildew on the roses but we’ve been very vigilant with the Bayer 3-in-1 Insect, Disease and Mite control. We’ve had a lot of success with using this product both on the roses and on a lot of our other shrubs and flowers. I use the concentration that you just attach to the hose and spray away.

We also used this same product on a tree in our yard a few years ago that had insects snacking on the leaves. I’m sold on the Bayer brand and I hope they never change the formulation. This post is not sponsored or anything. I just wanted to share what has worked well for me.


Something’s Been Buggin’ Me

We’ve really been enjoying the wild sunflowers that have been growing along our back fence in the outside edge of the farmer’s field. A few weeks ago, I was out there looking at the sunflowers and one stalk was COVERED with Green June Beetles.


Green June Beetles on Sunflowers


Oh man, it was terrible. They ate that sunflower plant to practically nothing in just a few days. I thought about spraying it with something but technically it’s not on my property.