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Grandparent’s Night – A Fun Family Time + PTA Fundraiser

Last week we went to Grandparent’s Night at Noah’s school. This event is a combined Grandparent’s Night, Book Fair, and PTA Bingo Fundraiser. The teachers and the PTA do a wonderful job setting everything up.

Out in the parking lot, they have food trucks and snow cone trucks and things like that. In the cafeteria, they have a Bingo game going that is a PTA fundraiser. In the library they have the book fair that is also a fundraiser.

MVP Bulletin Board

We got to Grandparent’s Night a little late because Noah had theater class that afternoon. When we got to the school, we cruised on over to Noah’s classroom first. It just so happened that Noah was the MVP Student of the Week and he had a bulletin board celebrating him. How lucky!

Over the weekend, we’d filled out a sheet that tells the class all about Noah and it was posted on the bulletin board. Noah’s hobby is Lego’s! His favorite subject is reading. His favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs!

Noah and Teacher at Grandparents Night

Noah showed us around his classroom and pointed out several of his projects that were posted on the wall around the room. He was so proud of his work and was getting more and more excited at each new thing we saw.

Grandparent Timeline

A couple of weeks ago, Noah’s class had written a letter to their grandparent and also did some research about the year they were born. He learned that in the year Nanny was born, the telephone answering machine was invented. How cool!

On the wall in the hallway, the students had a timeline that showed some of the things that were invented in the years that their grandparents were born. They had decorated an index card in honor of their grandparent.

Grandparent's Night

We were so thankful that Noah’s grandparents were able to come and spend the evening with us. We had a lot of fun at Grandparent’s Night.

Can’t wait to see what Noah does next.