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Weekly Wrap-up – Start of a New School Semester

Last Friday was an Epic Snow Day because we got about 4 inches of snow overnight at our house. That much snow at one time is a very rare thing for us but we woke up and the whole world was white. So pretty, so fun.

Rolling a Snowball

The kids went outside to play in the snow. I, on the other hand, have not been doctor-approved to go out into the snow after foot surgery. So I took pictures from my knee scooter at the window.

Snowball Fight!

The kids had a great time playing in the snow and even made a little snowman. Meet “No Face.” He has no face.

No Face the Snowman

Recipe Testing

Saturday was cold and wet to we stayed in and did some recipe testing. We perfected the Air Fryer Buffalo Chicken Wings and the Air Fryer Fruit Pies.

We also had one of our family favorite meals – BBQ Smoked Sausages and Hashbrown Casserole. We usually have Hot Water Cornbread with this meal but I didn’t think I could manage that with my constant companion, the knee scooter. We made another family favorite instead – Monkey Bread!

Last Day of Winter Break

Monday was the last day of Winter Break for the kids. They spent most of the day in their pajamas then Emily had a piano lesson. It was nice to get out for a bit at the end of the day.

And Then We’re Back to School

Well, actually, Emily went back to school but Noah was home sick with a yucky cough and cold.

All the kids at Emily’s school got ID badges when they got back to school after Christmas break. The ID’s are part of a security program that is being implemented at her school. She has to keep up with it and bring it back and forth with her to school every day.

Her goal for this semester is to get better grades than her cousin Tyler. She has an extra monetary incentive if she gets all A’s this semester but she doesn’t seem as excited about the money.

I told Emily that the biggest hurdle between her and her goal is organization – making sure all her assignments are fully completed and getting her assignments turned in on time. So, send your school organization tips to her at the bottom of this post!

Foot Surgery Checkup

I had my four-week foot surgery checkup this week. At four weeks, I was supposed to get my stitches out and get the pins taken out too, but the doctor decided the pins needed to stay in a couple more weeks to ensure the best possible outcome.

I did get the 20 stitches out of my foot though. OUCH! That is never a good feeling, especially when there are 20 of them.

Since I still have the pins in, I had to get another splint put on my foot/leg and I still have to use the knee scooter until my next appointment. The split/cast guy always gives the same speech – “Do not get this thing wet, don’t stand or put any weight on it, don’t break it or make any modifications to it it, don’t stick anything down in it.” If you want to know how I deal with a splint and knee scooter, I shared my thoughts in this post.

Christmas is Over, Obviously

I’d been waiting until I could walk again to put away all our Christmas stuff. But since that’s not happening any time soon, we’re going to try to tackle the Christmas clean up this weekend. I’m only sort of wishing I didn’t put so much Christmas stuff out.

What Santa Brought Us

Santa’s big gift to our family this year is a trip to Disney World. We’re going in the spring so he was just letting us know in advance.

Santa brought each of the kids a fancy new suitcase for our trip. Emily’s has a pretty plaid pattern and Noah’s suitcase has super heroes on it. How cool!

Each suitcase had an envelope tied to it with each child’s name on it. Then inside each envelope was a full itinerary for our trip that outlined when we were going, where we were staying, and which parks and restaurants we’d be visiting each day.

I’ve added a link below to a Sample Disney Itinerary like the one Santa brought to us. It was made in a simple Word doc. If you want to know how to add the images and the Disney font, let me know in the comments and I can help.

Winding Down

This was a full week and it looks like we have plenty to do this weekend as well. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and let’s catch up next week!