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Weekly Wrap-up – Coffee and Books

Weekly Wrap-up – Coffee and Books

This week, we had a fairly typical week. We didn’t do anything particularly exciting so it’s been hard to think of things to share.

Back at Christmas, we got a Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker but he still had quite a bit of ground coffee that he wanted to use up before he started using his Keurig.

He finally got to replace his old coffee pot with the new Keurig this week and he’s really enjoyed it so far. The Keurig came with a few K-cups to try and that’s been fun for him.

Keurig Coffee Maker

He also loves his Hydroflask Coffee Mug. It works great with the Keurig and keeps his coffee hot for a long time. We have several Hyroflask water bottles and have always been really happy with them too.

Storage is Always Important

He also got a storage drawer that goes under the Keurig, which is perfect for storing his K-cups. I love it because it saves valuable counter space as well as cabinet space.

The coffee station is right below my baking cabinet and there is literally no space left in the cabinet. It’s packed full of all my spices and baking supplies.

Keurig Coffee K-Cup Storage Drawer

Raising Readers

Emily has always loved to read. She reads all kinds of books and she reads them really quickly! She can easily finish a decent-sized book in a night or two.

Noah loves to be read to but doesn’t really love reading on his own. But part of his nightly school homework is reading books for 20 minutes each night.

If he’s left to choose, he’ll usually grab a nursey rhyme book or a picture book or even his yearbook. As you can imagine, he thinks he’s real slick these days.

Kids on Couch

Emily and I have been reading the Tales From Deckawoo Drive books with Noah. This four-book series by Kate DiCamillo is perfect for Noah’s 3rd grade reading level and the books are super cute. We’ve really enjoyed them.

I also got this book set for Noah after we finish the series we’re currently reading. Noah is a big fan of Dan Gutman books. We’ve got entertainment for days!

Fun Times At the Library (Not Really)

So, we’ve had a library book that was supposed to be returned by November 17th. It’s now February 10th and we just turned it in tonight.

I’ve been searching everywhere for this thing for months! It was a book that Emily checked out so I assumed it was in her bedroom somewhere but I’d looked in there several times but couldn’t find it.

I finally found it … in my bedroom, where I know for a fact that I’ve already looked … months ago. Anybody else have ghosts?

Noah also had a book that had been missing for a few days recently. He said he must have left it in his desk at school so the next afternoon I asked him if he’d looked in his desk for the book? He said yes he looked, but it wasn’t there.

Then two days later, the book just turns up on my desk in my office. Just shows up and nobody knows anything about how it got there! Seriously, ghosts?

Crazy Hair
Spiky Hair After Bath

Recipe Testing

This week, I did a lot of testing on the Air Fryer Brownies recipe. “Unfortunately” I had to try it several times before I got it just right. That’s the delicious kind of recipe testing that I like!

I’m so lucky to have a family who is good-natured about my recipe flops.

Long ago, I had a Turbo Cooker. Do you remember those things? They were an As Seen On TV special and we tried to cook a lot of different things in it.

One night, I tried to make a lasagna in it but it burned on the bottom. I went ahead and served it and told everyone not to just not eat the bottom layer of the lasagna.

When we were done eating, his plate was completely empty. I said “You ate the burnt!”

Fast forward 17 years and I’m still burning food.

Today after church, I threw together a random meal. Sort of like spaghetti but with penne pasta. I wanted to try to make it in my Instant Pot so I threw all the ingredients in and started it up with the timer set to 10 minutes.

With the Instant Pot, the timer starts after it reaches high pressure. There’s usually a beep when the timer starts. I’d been sitting on the couch waiting for the beep so that I’d know we were 10 minutes away from lunch but it seemed to be taking forever.

I finally went to check and the display on the Instant Pot showed ‘burn.’ Ooops. I opened the Instant Pot and it looked perfect except there was a tiny little bit that was burned on the bottom of the pot.

I just added in a bunch of cheese and let it melt for a few minutes. Everybody loved it, especially Noah! He said the noodles were so good.

So, what should I try to make in the Air Fryer this week? Give me some ideas in the comments!