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Christmas Candy Jar

A Christmas Candy Jar is a unique way to decorate your kitchen for the holidays. It would also make a great white elephant gift or even a no-bake holiday bake sale item. I’m sharing the keys to success to make this cute holiday candy jar.

Christmas Candy Jar


Here is a list of all the different candies I used along with links to the products in case you are unfamiliar with them.

Christmas Candy Jar


You can really use any glass jar for this Christmas Candy Jar. I think an apothecary jar or two or three full of Christmas candy would be a great centerpiece for your holiday decor.

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I used a large glass jar that I already had. I got it from Michael’s a few years ago and they don’t seem to have it on their website any longer but this one is similar. You’ll want to look for a jar that has a nice, wide neck opening so that you can easily position your candy inside.

If you have a large jar, you can put an empty paper towel roll down into the center of your jar and put the candies around it. This will leave you with an empty space in the middle of your jar and will save a little money on filler candy.

Christmas Candy Jar


One of the fun things about a project like this is using your creativity to create interest in your candy jar. Emily helped me design the jar and we collaborated on which rows should be straight and which ones should be a pattern or which ones should be random.

With the Peeps, we filled in the empty space behind them with miniature marshmallows. This allowed the peeps to be pressed flat against the jar and holds them in place perfectly.

Behind the Reese’s trees, we added in some chocolate chips. If I had this to do over, I would use plain M&Ms instead so that I could have the Reese’s trees really stand out in my jar.

There’s really no right or wrong way to put it together. The rule of thumb is to do whatever you think looks best.

Use your creativity and have fun. This a great project to do with kids.

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Christmas Candy Jar Ideas

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