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8 Super Cute Christmas Treats To Try This Year

This Christmas Treats Recipe Roundup features the cutest edible Christmas creations that your family will love this year. Your kids will be so excited when you bring out these adorable snacks and it’s a great opportunity to get your kids to help in the kitchen. Merry Christmas indeed!

santa cookies with nutter butter

Treats to Make for Christmas

Cooking and baking together is a great way to make memories with your family during this holiday season.

It’s the most wonderful time of year and we’re going to make it extra-special with these cute Christmas treats.

This is a great opportunity to bring your kids into the kitchen with you and let them help.

With every single one of these recipes, there is at least one thing that the kids can assist with.

These may become new family traditions for Christmas that the children will look forward to for years to come.

Cheese Ball in the Shape of a Reindeer

Christmas Treats to Make Ahead

One of our best tips for making Christmas Treats is to choose recipes that you can make ahead.

The Christmas season is a busy time for many families and it’s worth it to choose recipes that can be made in advance so that you are not having to make everything at the last minute.

Stock up on plastic storage containers or treat tins to store your treats in until you are ready to serve them.

Many dollar stores or big box stores have cute Christmas tins that are perfect to store your Christmas sweets.

Look for ones with tight-fitting lids to keep your treats fresh.

Santa Claus out of a Nutter Butter

Unique Christmas Treats to Share with Friends

Our Christmas Treat recipes are some of the cutest you’ll find.

We’re sharing all the best tips to create these treats on your own. Don’t think it’s too complicated for you!

Many of these recipes can be customized to your liking.

The Snowman Cookies in the photo below are the perfect example. You can customize the color of the buttons, the color of the earmuffs, or even add a scarf with some pieces of licorice.

Choose your favorite two or three treats then make a bunch and package them up for your family and friends.

They will be blown away by your unique and thoughtful gift!

nutter butter snowman cookies

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8 Super Cute Christmas Treats to Make This Year

Cute Christmas Treats

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