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Halloween Fluffernutter Cookies

Halloween Chocolate Covered Fluffernutter Cookies are a super easy no-bake treat that will be a festive addition to your Halloween party. We’re going sweet and salty with this one by sandwiching the peanut butter and marshmallow creme between two buttery Ritz crackers. Are you familiar with fluffernutter? It’s essentially a combination of peanut butter and …

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Cookie Decorating Party Tips and Ideas

Cookie Decorating Parties are such a unique way to bring people together during the holidays or for any special occasion. It’s so much fun to look around the table and see everyone showing off their creativity. Using these tips and tricks, your Cookie Decorating Party will be a huge success! Full disclosure – nearly all …

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Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies

Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies are an intensely chocolate cookie that is crispy on the outside and thick and fudgy on the inside, just like the corner piece of your favorite brownies. Add chocolate chips and now you’ve got a double winner! Key to Success #1 – Carefully Melt the Chocolate You’ll want to start off …

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