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  1. Hi Jennifer, This is Jim again. I tried your recipe with the whole catfish. They came out kind of dry. I don’t know if that is because they wasn’t deep fried but air fried or if I may have cooked them too long. I cooked them for 15 minutes on each side instead of 10 since they were whole catfish and not filet. I have two more that I will try at another time. For them I will cut the time down to maybe 12 minutes on each side and see how they come out.

    1. Hi Jim, I’m sorry your fish didn’t turn out the way you like it. I agree maybe cook it a little less next time. Also try adding a little more oil. I use a small spray bottle to spritz the oil on the fish and make sure the cornmeal is moistened.

          1. I agree Otavius, olive oil is a healthier choice because it has the good cholesterol but it is still fattening.

  2. We had these for dinner tonight, along with air fryer homemade french fries. The catfish was caught today and was delish!