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Vacation Dessert Ideas for Families

Does your vacation rental have a kitchen that you can use to prepare meals for your family? We will tell you exactly what to serve for dessert on a family vacation so that you can spend more time relaxing with your family. This vacation dessert guide is great for big families or families with children.

Strawberry Delight

Key to Success #1 – Choose Make-Ahead Desserts For Convenience

You’ve planned the perfect family vacation, including the easy dinners, but now you need to plan some fun desserts for your family.

Choose dessert recipes that you can make in advance for convenience.

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You can make the dessert a day or two in advance when you have a little downtime then just pull it out when it’s time to serve dessert.

Many of the desserts that made our list are no-bake as well so that you don’t even have to warm up the stove.

Key to Success #2 – Semi-Homemade Treats for the Win

Every dessert does not have to be completely made from scratch.

Vacation is a perfect time to use convenience items like baked goods from the grocery store or refrigerated cookie dough.

Use the ingredients that you can find around you, especially locally grown fruits and things that are in season in the local area.

Even though you might pay a little more for the convenience items, you are saving money overall because you and your family are not eating at a restaurant or dessert shop.

You can also plan some treats that are completely store-bought but present them in a different way, like storing candy in the freezer for a treat.

Serving desserts on vacation should be a fun experience, but don’t overthink it.

Key to Success #3 – Schedule a Grocery Pick Up or Delivery

If there is a store anywhere near your vacation rental that offers grocery pick up service, take full advantage of it while you are on vacation.

Grocery stores or big box stores often get busy during the vacation season so submit your grocery order at least a couple of days in advance of your arrival.

Choose a convenient pick up time so that you are not rushing to reach your destination on time.

Give yourself plenty of time because traffic can cause delays around the time the vacation rentals turn over every week.

You can always schedule another grocery pick up later in the week so consider what you will need for meals for the first few days that you will be at your vacation rental.

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

Let Us Help You Plan Your Vacation Menu

Having trouble coming up with a menu for your family vacation?

We can help!

Our blog posts about vacation meal planning are a great place to start.

If you have more questions, leave us a comment and we will help you out!

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16 Family Vacation Dessert Recipes

Vacation Dessert Ideas for Families

If you're cooking meals on vacation, they should not be complicated. And this is no different for your desserts.

We're sharing our best ideas for desserts that you can serve from your vacation rental for the entire family.

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Our Instant Mashed Potatoes that Taste Homemade recipe Is a dream come true during the holidays. You can serve mashed potatoes for a crowd in minutes, and they won’t even know that the potatoes came from a box. Enjoy the convenience and deliciousness without sacrificing the taste you love.

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Glazed Strawberry Bread

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