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  1. We made this mashed potatoes with this recipe for a birthday dinner last week and nobody knew it was instant potatoes. Will use this from now on

  2. I make these mashed potatoes every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s like my little secret because nobody knows that I’ve used instant potatoes. They’re very good.

  3. 5 stars
    This was really awesome@ I’ve made them from the instructions from the box and they’ve never came out quite like this. I’m glad those extra 2 steps of using the mixer and extra butter was so helpful! I thought it would turn out gummy with the butter so I didn’t add as much and it was still pretty amazing! Thank you!

  4. 5 stars
    Great taste. I was so dreading using the instant mashed potato flakes I had, but these actually taste good. Thank you. I added an extra half stick of butter and if I was going for super decadence, on Thanksgiving or Christmas, I’d add even more and sometimes I like to add cream cheese, too. These were good enough that I will probably use for holidays this year. Looking forward to EASY and tasty! Ps. Best mashed potatoes I ever made/ate was a recipe from a famous chef that charged $200 at his 5 star restaurants for them. The secret ingredient is… butter. A LOT of it. Ratio was 1/2 lb butter per pound of potatoes. I have never put quite that much in, using about 3/4 of recommended amount. Sooo good!

  5. Thank you for your clear directions and tips and tricks. The photos are wonderful! I am looking forward to making these using your recipe.