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We Are the Smith Family

Hi, We’re the Smith Family!

We created this blog way, way back in 2008 as a way for our out-of-town family and friends to keep up with our growing family.

But as the kids have gotten bigger, it became harder to write posts about them while still respecting their privacy.

It Started With A Chocolate Pie

In 2018, we wrote a post about our favorite chocolate pie that we have been making in our family for many years.

It’s the #1 requested thing for us to make for family dinners and we love it so much.

Smith Mom, Jennifer, has always had a passion for cooking and inventing new dishes and this love has passed on to Emily as well.

So, with that first post about chocolate pie, we really started cooking together more and posting about it here on

It’s a Family Affair

Every member of our family participates in this blog in their own way.

Not because they have to but because they want to! Emily and Noah both help with the cooking.

Emily takes many of the beautiful photos of our dishes and helps with our social media channels.

Cooking together in the kitchen has really brought our family together in other ways and we’d love the same for your family.

We break each recipe down into keys to success because we truly want you to be successful.

It shouldn’t be stressful to make delicious food at home.

We’re Unique and Here’s Why

This food blog is really a labor of love from our whole family to yours.

We love sharing our favorite recipes with you and we hope you love them too.

We put a unique spin on a recipe blog by providing the keys to success to make sure your food turns out exactly as expected each and every time.

And we put the recipe right after a distinctive dotted line so that it will stand out from the rest of our blog post.

We value your time and want to be good stewards of it by making things easy for you to find.

We’d Love to Connect with You

We’d love to hear from you if you have questions about a recipe or if you tried a recipe or if you just want to say hello! You can email us or find us on social media.

Thank you

Thank you for stopping by to check us out. We hope to see you around here again soon. Please let us know how we can assist YOU in the kitchen.

Meet the Family

Jennifer Smith wearing her favorite shirt
Jennifer Smith