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Kid-Friendly Charcuterie Board

This Kid-Friendly Charcuterie Board is a great snack or light meal option that your children are sure to love. You can create an attractive board with both nutritious and fun choices that will have your kids trying new foods before you can snap your fingers.

Kid Friendly Charcuterie Board

Pick a Large Rimmed Tray

You can build a charcuterie board on any type of food-safe tray.

A rimmed baking sheet is a great option for a snack board.

You’ll want your tray to have short sides so that the snacks are reachable for little hands.

The sides will help ensure that the snacks don’t get scattered all over when the children are choosing their treats.

Charcuterie snack board for kids

Provide Smaller Amounts of the Sweet Treats

If you want to control the portion size of certain treats, it’s okay to provide a smaller amount.

Spreading the treat foods out throughout the board will minimize their importance.

The colorful treats will draw attention and the children will be more likely to reach for them.

Kid's Charcuterie Board

Use Containers to Wrangle Small Items

If you’re adding small items to your snack trays, like raisins or mini marshmallows, place these treats into a smaller cups or other containers.

The little fingers will have an easier time picking up tiny treats if they’re not sliding all over the tray.

On our snack tray, we put the smaller items into the bottom of red Solo cups that have been trimmed down to 1-2 inches in height.

You can use pretty much anything that you have available.

If you don’t have a lot of supplies, try forming a small bowl out of aluminum foil.

Kid-Friendly Charcuterie Board

Save this Kid-friendly Charcuterie Board roundup to your Snacks for Kids board or your Charcuterie Ideas board.

Charcuterie Ideas for Kids

Kid Friendly Charcuterie Board

This Kid Friendly Charcuterie Board has both savory and sweet elements to satisfy nearly any appetite.

Use the photos as a guide as you put together your snack tray.

This easy board is perfect for beginners.

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