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Beach Essentials for Families

If you are planning a family trip to the beach, you need to check out this list of essentials that you should pack for your trip. We’re sharing exactly what to take to the beach for the whole family.

Beach bags and sunglasses

Preparing for the Sand, Water, and Sun

When you are planning for a trip to the beach, you need to start by preparing for the sand, the water, and the sun.

It’s hard for some people to walk across the sand, especially when it’s hot, so you’ll need to bring protection for your feet in the form of sand or water shoes.

You can bring tents or umbrellas for protection from the sun, in addition to sun hats and lots and lots of sunscreen.

A single day at the beach requires a lot of sunscreen.

Plan on reapplying sunscreen every 2 hours and more often if you are in the water or if you’re sweating.

This is also dependent on the type and brand of sunscreen that you are using so be sure to check the container for exact application directions.

My personal motto is “If your skin feels hot, it’s time to reapply.”

If your skin feels hot, it’s time to reapply sunscreen.

– Jennifer Smith, Grace Like Rain Blog

It’s so important to protect your skin so don’t take any chances.

Bring more sunscreen than you need and/or protect your skin in other ways, like sun shielding clothing, sun hats, and shady spots.

beach essentials shoes sunscreen and hats sunglasses

Young and Old

A beach vacation is great for the whole family, from the toddlers to the grandparents and everyone in between.

Give the grandparents a comfortable chair and they will sit and watch the youngsters play in the sand and the water.

If you have young children, check out our list of clever beach toys for little kids.

We have some genius ideas to keep toddlers entertained.

You can bring an adjustable beach chair or a lounge chair for each person.

Pack a sand-free blanket or two and plenty of beach towels in your bag.

Speaking of your bag, make sure it is a full mesh bag. The sand will fall right out of the mesh and will not end up in your car or house.

Just a few hard taps on a hard surface will allow the sand to fall out very easily.

Bring water bottles or beverages for the family. I always carry my refillable insulated water bottle to the beach.

A collapsible ice chest is a great option if you need to save space in the car.

It also doubles as a picnic basket or a snack bag.

essentials for happy beach family that knows what to take to the beach

Bring The Party With You

The beach is a great place to interact and get out and play with family and friends.

Bring a collection of balls and frisbees so that everyone can play at the same time.

Older kids and adults especially enjoy tossing a football or kicking a ball around with others.

You can get the entire family involved in kite flying or building a sandcastle or just digging a giant hole.

There are so many ways to have fun in the sand and the surf.

Bring your shovels and pails.

Plan to go crab hunting at night.

Bring your fishing poles and baits and catch a big one right along the shores of the ocean.

Be sure to check regulations in the location you’re visiting in case you need a fishing license.

Bring your portable bluetooth speaker and listen to some tunes.

But be mindful of others near you on the beach. Some people want to listen to the waves crashing on the shore and not your music.

Overall, have fun and don’t stress about your trip.

You’re at the beach. It’s going to be a fantastic day!

Beach essentials tote bags hats and beach blankets

We also have a great guide on how to feed your family while on vacation.

With the increase in vacation home rentals, it’s becoming much easier to feed a family without breaking the bank and eating out every meal.

Save this Beach Essentials Roundup to your Beach Trip board or your Family Vacation board.

22 Beach Essentials for Families

Beach Essentials for Families

A beach vacation is a great family trip that is worth the extra effort.

It's even better when you can take along your extended family or friends.

We're dishing on all the essentials for an enjoyable time at the beach for the whole family, from the toddlers to the grandparents and everyone in between.

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