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Little Debbie Star Crunch Copycat Recipe

Are you in the mood for some seriously sweet treats that are sure to impress your loved ones? Meet the ultimate homemade Star Crunch recipe – a scrumptious Little Debbie Star Crunch copycat. Made with simple ingredients and easy-to-follow steps, you’ll be indulging in a delightful snack in no time! Get ready to wow your taste buds and delight everyone around you with this amazing recipe.

Homemade Star Crunch recipe

Do you remember snacking on Little Debbie’s Star Crunch as a kid?

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That perfect mix of soft cookie, gooey caramel, and chocolatey goodness?

Well, what if we told you that you can recreate this nostalgic treat at home?

That’s right!

With this ultimate homemade Star Crunch recipe, you can impress your loved ones with a mouth-watering snack that’s easy to make and will satisfy your sweet tooth.

In this article, we will walk you through the keys to success, share tips and tricks, and explain why you’ll fall in love with this Little Debbie Star Crunch copycat recipe.

Get ready to indulge in this irresistible childhood favorite.

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star crunch copycat recipe

❤️ Why You’ll Love this Little Debbie Star Crunch Recipe

If you’re a die-hard fan of Little Debbie’s Star Crunch, you’ll be thrilled to try this copycat recipe.

Here are a few reasons why we think you’ll love it:

First of all, this homemade version is made with real ingredients.

No high-fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors here!

Secondly, this recipe gives you total control over the texture and flavor of your Star Crunches.

Want them extra chewy?

Add a bit more caramel.

Prefer a stronger chocolate flavor?

Use chocolate chips with a higher percentage of cocoa, such as bittersweet chocolate chips.

You can even swap out the rice cereal for another type of cereal if you like.

Lastly, making these Star Crunches at home is just plain fun!

It’s a great activity for kids and adults alike, and you’ll be able to enjoy your homemade treats warm and gooey straight out of the oven.

So what are you waiting for?

Give this recipe a try and see why it’s become a favorite among Star Crunch lovers everywhere.

little debbie star crunch copycat recipe

🔑 Key to Success #1 – Start by Melting Caramels with Butter

To create the perfect homemade Star Crunch, the first key to success is melting caramels with butter.

This step ensures that your caramel mixture will have the right consistency and be easy to work with.

Start by placing the caramel bits in a microwave-safe bowl with the butter.

Microwave the mixture in 30-second intervals, stirring in between, until the caramels are completely melted.

Be careful not to overcook the mixture, as it can quickly burn and become unusable.

Once your caramel mixture is melted, you can move on to the next steps in creating your Star Crunch.

Add in the miniature marshmallows and stir them well to coat them in the caramel.

Microwave the caramel and marshmallows in 30-second intervals until the marshmallows are fully melted and smooth.

By taking the time to melt the caramels correctly, you’ll set yourself up for success and be on your way to creating a delicious, homemade treat.

star crunch recipe

🔑 Key to Success #2 – Only Stir to Melt the Chocolate

Once your caramel mixture is melted and ready to go, it’s time to move on to the next step of creating your homemade Star Crunch – melting the chocolate.

This step may seem simple, but it’s crucial for achieving the perfect texture and taste.

Chocolate is very finicky when melting.

So it’s important not to get it too hot or it will seize up and become lumpy or burnt.

Since the caramel marshmallow mixture is already hot, simply add in the chocolate chips and stir them into the caramel mixture.

You do not need to heat the mixture in the microwave after you add the chocolate.

Stirring the chocolate is an essential part of the melting process to ensure it melts evenly and smoothly.

Once your chocolate is melted, you can begin forming your Star Crunch discs.

By taking the time to properly melt your chocolate, you’ll end up with a delicious and perfectly-textured homemade treat.

recipe for Star Crunch

🔑 Key to Success #3 – Flatten Into Discs For a Perfect Star Crunch Shape

Next, it’s time to turn our attention to flattening the Star Crunch discs.

This step is crucial to achieving the perfect shape and texture for this beloved snack.

To begin, use a measuring cup to scoop 1/4 cup of the caramel-chocolate mixture and roll it into a ball.

Place the balls onto a sheet of waxed paper.

Once you’ve scooped all of the mixture onto the sheet, lightly press down on each ball to create a flat disc.

Be sure to leave some space between each disc to prevent them from sticking together as they harden.

If you want to ensure that your discs are perfectly shaped, you can use a cookie cutter, biscuit cutter, or cup to form them into circles.

Simply place the cutter around the Star Crunch disc and move the cookie cutter in tiny circles until the Star Crunch looks smooth and round.

Little Debbie Star Crunch recipe

📌 Get the Printable Recipe for Little Debbie Star Crunch Cookies

Save this Little Debbie Star Crunch recipe to your favorite Copycat Recipes board or your Cookies board.

Homemade Star Crunch Bars

Homemade Star Crunch Bars

Yield: 16
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

Star Crunch Bars are a homemade version of the classic Little Debbie Star Crunch treat. You'll love the chocolate and ooey gooey caramel in this chewy dessert.


  • 1/2 cup Kraft caramel bits
  • 4 Tbsp butter
  • 4 cups mini marshmallows
  • 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 3 cups Rice Krispies cereal


  1. Place caramel bits and butter into a microwave-safe bowl and heat on HIGH power for 1 minute. Stir well. Continue heating in 30-second increments until the caramel is mostly melted.
  2. Stir mini marshmallows into the caramel mixture and stir to combine. Microwave in 30-second intervals until the marshmallows are melted. Stir well.
  3. Stir in the chocolate chips until they are melted and smooth.
  4. Fold in the Rice Krispies. Stir until fully coated.
  5. Measure out 1/4 cup of the mixture. Roll into a ball and place on a sheet of waxed paper. Flatten into a disc shape.
  6. Allow to cool completely.

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Nutrition Information:
Yield: 16 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 159Total Fat: 6gSaturated Fat: 4gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 2gCholesterol: 8mgSodium: 96mgCarbohydrates: 27gFiber: 1gSugar: 19gProtein: 1g

Nutrition Information Provided For Educational and Informational Purposes Only.

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