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Christmas Tree Cake Truffles: Easy Cake Balls Recipe

Experience the enchanting fusion of flavors with our Christmas Tree Cake Truffles. These exquisite treats, crafted with love and festive spirit, are the perfect sweet delight for your holiday celebrations. Dive into their rich, creamy texture and let the magic of Christmas fill your heart.

christmas tree cake truffles

Incorporate this delicious recipe of Christmas tree cake truffles into your holiday festivities, special event or holiday party and Christmas baking for a unique and delicious treat that will leave a lasting impression for the whole family.  

Whether you choose to serve them at your own Christmas party or give them as homemade gifts, these truffles are sure to be a hit. 

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Get creative with different toppings and decorations, allowing your own personal touch to shine through.  

The best part is the joy and delight you can spread this holiday season with these festive treats that are guaranteed to bring smiles to the faces of those who indulge in their decadence. 

Disclosure – I may get a small commission for purchases made through affiliate links in this post.

christmas tree cake balls recipe

🔑 Key to Success #1 – Mix Up the Christmas Tree Cakes

Mixing up the Christmas tree cakes is the first key to success in creating these delightful truffles. 

Crumble all of the Little Debbie Christmas Tree cakes into a large bowl.  

Using your stand mixer or electric mixer and paddle attachment, mix until a thick dough forms.  

This recipe does not include cream cheese; the combination of frosting and cake provides the correct consistency and flavor needed to create the decadent truffle.

christmas tree cake truffles recipe

🔑 Key to Success #2 – Shape The Truffles

Now that you have your Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake mixture ready, it’s time to shape the truffles into adorable Christmas tree shapes.

First, scoop out a spoonful of the cake and frosting mixture and roll it into a small ball about the size of a walnut.

Once you’re done, arrange them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or wax paper.

Place these cake balls into the refrigerator for at least an hour until they are firm.

Next, re-roll the cake balls between your palms to smooth out the round truffle shape. 

With your truffles shaped and ready to go, let’s move on to the next key to success – coating the Little Debbie snack cake truffle mixture with white candy coating.

little debbie christmas tree cake truffles recipe

🔑 Key to Success #3 – Coat the Cake Balls With White Candy Coating

With your truffles shaped and ready to go, let’s move on to the next key to success – coating the Christmas Tree Cake Truffles with white candy coating. 

This step adds a delightful sweetness and a beautiful finishing touch to our festive treats. 

Pour the white candy coating into a microwave-safe bowl and heat it in 30-second intervals, stirring in between, until it becomes smooth and fluid. 

Be careful not to overheat, as the coating can become too thick.

Once the candy coating is ready, take one truffle at a time and carefully drop it into the bowl, using a fork or a spoon to fully coat it. 

Gently tap the utensil against the edge of the bowl to remove any excess coating. 

The excess chocolate drip will accumulate in the bowl.  

As you coat each truffle, the best way is to place it back on the parchment-lined cookie sheet, allowing the coating to harden to room temperature.

Coating the Christmas Tree Truffles with white candy coating not only adds a lovely visual appeal but also creates a smooth, protective layer that seals in the moistness of the cake. 

This outer layer of sweetness enhances the overall flavor and adds a contrasting texture to the soft cake inside.

Christmas Tree Cake Truffles recipe

🔑 Key to Success #4 – Decorate with Classic Toppings 

Now, with our truffles expertly coated, it’s time to move on to the final step in creating these delightful Christmas tree cake truffles – decorating them with classic toppings. Let’s give these treats an extra festive touch with a sprinkle of green sanding sugar and a few red stripes.

Adding the green sanding sugar to the truffles not only enhances their appearance but also adds a delightful crunch with every bite. 

The vibrant green color mimics the lushness of a Christmas tree, perfectly capturing the holiday spirit. 

In addition to the green sanding sugar, we’ll use red stripes to further elevate the festive look of our truffles. 

Whether you use red icing, red candy melts, or even red food coloring to draw thin lines on the truffles, the contrasting red against the white candy coating creates a visually striking design. 

These red stripes not only add a pop of color but also symbolize the joy and excitement of the holiday season.

little debbie christmas tree cake balls recipe

😋 What to Serve with Christmas Tree Cake Truffles

Now that we’ve put the finishing touches on our truffles, let’s explore what to serve alongside these delectable treats. 

One classic and easy option to serve alongside the truffles is a platter of fresh fruits. 

The natural sweetness of berries, such as strawberries and raspberries, pairs perfectly with the rich and indulgent flavors of the truffles. 

For those looking to add an extra touch of elegance to their dessert table, a selection of fine cheeses could be a delightful addition. 

Soft cheeses like brie or camembert, paired with crispy crackers or toasted baguette slices, can provide a lovely contrast to the sweetness of the truffles.

A great way to satisfy those craving a warm accompaniment to their truffles, a steaming cup of hot cocoa or a fragrant cup of tea would be the perfect choice. 

Guests may enjoy the addition of Santa hats as table decorations or festive head gear.  

So much fun!

little debbie christmas tree cake balls recipe

📌 Get the Printable Recipe for Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake Truffles

Save this Christmas Tree Cake Truffles recipe to your favorite Christmas Treats board or your Easy Truffles board.

Christmas Tree Cake Truffles recipe
Christmas Tree Cake Truffles recipe

Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake Balls

Yield: 32 truffles
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes

This easy recipe is a festive take on a classic cake truffle recipe! Our Christmas Tree Cake Truffles are easy to make using Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes and are an ideal addition to any holiday spread. Make it with your family this year and spread some Christmas cheer!


  • 2 boxes (5 ct each) Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes
  • 12 oz white candy melts
  • green sanding sugar
  • 3 oz red candy melts


  1. Place unwrapped Christmas Tree Cakes into the bowl of a stand mixer. Use the paddle attachment to blend the cakes until a thick dough forms.
  2. Use a small cookie scoop to portion out the dough into small balls using about two teaspoons of dough.
  3. Heat white candy melts in a microwave safe bowl on HIGH power for 30 seconds. Stir well. Continue heating in 30-second increments until the candy melts are fully melted and smooth.
  4. Dip each cake ball into the melted white candy melts. Place on a sheet of wax paper. Sprinkle green sanding sugar lightly over the candy melts before they harden.
  5. When truffles are dry, microwave red candy melts in a small bowl on HIGH power for 30 seconds. Sir well then continue heating in 15-second increments until fully melted. Spoon red candy melts into a zip-top plastic baggie then snip off the tip. Use the bag to pipe 3-4 red lines over the top of each truffle.


Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes can be used as the base for Little Debbie Christmas Tree Dip, Little Debbie cake balls and Christmas Tree Cake Pops.  

The coating for any of these can be almond bark, white chocolate chips, or other white coating.  

May store in an airtight container for up to 7 days.

Nutrition Information:
Yield: 32 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 61Total Fat: 0gSaturated Fat: 0gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 0gCholesterol: 2mgSodium: 11mgCarbohydrates: 14gFiber: 0gSugar: 9gProtein: 0g

Nutrition Information Provided For Educational and Informational Purposes Only.

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